About Event

The Regional Congress on Collective Health has the theme "Interprofessionality in health: challenges and potentialities" and aims to discuss interprofessionality in health, debate health education for SUS in the state of Piauí, discussing critical nodes and fostering development new knowledge in the field of health education arising from the sharing of knowledge, experiences and interprofessional experiences, in order to promote improvements for the population health.

The event will take place online and is promoted by UFPI's Collective Health Research Group and has the support of PET - Health/Interprofessionality - UFPI/SMS-Picos, State University of Piaui  - UESPI and the Institute of Higher Education Raimundo Sá - R.SÁ.


Our Organizing Committee

Ana Karla Sousa de Oliveira (UFPI/CSHNB)

Ana Larissa Gomes Machado (UFPI/CSHNB)

Verônica Lourdes Lima Batista Maia (UFPI/CSHNB)

Antônia Sylca de Jesus Sousa (UFPI/CSHNB)

Mayla Rosa Guimarães (UFPI)

Iolanda Gonçalves de Alencar Figueiredo (UFPI/CSHNB)

Luis Eduardo Soares dos Santos (UFC)

Mariluska Macedo Lobo de Deus Oliveira (UESPI) 

Luisa Helena de Oliveira Lima (UFPI/CSHNB)

Nádya dos Santos Moura (UFPI/CSHNB)


Event Coordinator:

Ana Roberta Vilarouca da Silva (UFPI/CSHNB)